There are a number of obvious reasons that drive more and more people to invest in a second home on Costa del Sol. From the golden sandy beaches, the fantastic climate, the well-established infrastructure, the short distances from most European countries, the food and wine, to the history low property pricing, cheap air fairs and affordable high percentage mortage taking. Let’s take a closer look at why so many people just love the coast.


It is no secret that house prices in Spain have dropped sharply from 2008 onwards. The equation is simple: Too many houses on the market + less buyers than before = a very good bargain. Although there is more optimism in the sector at the moment, there is still lots of property to shift and people who do want to make their Spanish dream happen are in a very good position to do so. We specialize in finding only the best properties for the lowest prices, so on top of the low general prices, we can save you even 10-30% more.


The heightened quality of life here is just amazing, try it for yourself and you will soon note the contrast to living back in the colder North. Costa del Sol offers greatly reduced living costs, low crime, more to do and enjoy, greater social life and of course that fabulous weather. You just feel that much better especially with winter evenings remaining brighter for much longer than back home. If you enjoy life you will certainly enjoy it here with all the coast has to offer in a safe, secure, established environment.


Widely regarded as the best all year round climate in Europe, the Spanish southernmost Mediterranean coastline offers up to 320 days of sunshine a year with a low registered rainfall. Its unique dry micro-climate and warm winters is one of the main reasons why so many northern Europeans finding this area so very desirable. Why live in the cold and damp any more, when this part of Spain is just over 2 hours flying time away, with almost guaranteed good weather all year round.


Foreign overseas buyers take full advantage of Spain’s low mortgage rates. Rates are currently low as a result of the European Central Bank’s low set base rate which is attracting many foreign buyers to especially the Costa del Sol. This has resulted in the chance to get 100% loans, without having to payout any kind of deposit up front with interest rates of only 3-3.5% or less. We collaborate with major english, scandinavian and german banks on the coast, and will gladly assist you if you are looking for finance.


Recommended by the World Health Organisation as “near perfect environment as it is possible to obtain”. Several cures have been recorded in the Andalucian areas and especially beneficial to people who suffer from Asthma, Rheumatism, Arthritis or heart related problems. Spain offers truly exceptional, quick medical treatment and many new hospitals, recognised as equal or superior to many European countries.


Costa del Sol and Malaga Airport is one of the greatest and most convenient places to travel to, from almost anywhere within Europe. More and more low fare airlines are launching direct flights from most major cities throughout Northern Europe, and with only a short 2-3 hours flight away from the United Kingdom and other countries such as Germany, France, Holland and Scandinavia, it means easy planning which leads to more frequent visits.


Spain and in particular Costa del Sol, has a great variety of landscapes, from mountains and lakes in to sandy beaches, olive groves and vineyards. The climate in most areas means that if you have the time, energy and motivation, it is not difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you enjoy walking, swimming, playing golf, tennis, water sports, winter sports, or simply just dining outdoors, the place is just right for you.


The extensive 300 kilometers of beaches on the Costa del Sol, their diversity and climate have transformed the coast into one of the most visited holiday destinations in Europe. Enjoy them in the summer and almost all the year round. The Mediterranean water is warm and safe, and many towns have their own “paseo maritimos” (promenades), and no shortage of bars, restaurants and chiriguitos.


The sheer variety and wealth of Spanish culture is the result of the fact that Spain has been home to different races and cultures throughout its long history. Romans, Iberians, Moors, French and more recently, Latin American immigrants, foreign residents from northern Europe and beyond. Discover Spanish culture. Visit museums, art galleries, castles and villages. The Spanish people are very friendly, and certainly have a great attitude towards enjoying life.