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Danish lawyers on the Costa del Sol

Scandinavian lawyers Costa del Sol.

It is not mandatory to use a lawyer when buying real estate in Spain, but of course we advise all our buyers to do so in order to avoid any. unpleasantness and surprises upon completion. He is examining the Spanish property register, the same as we in the Nordic countries call the land register. Here he or she ensures that all taxes and fees are paid, that everything is built legally and that the property is otherwise not burdened by uninformed liabilities or servicemen. Furthermore, it is ensured that the purchase price is only released / paid to the seller once you have secured a registered deed and thus your ownership. Most people prefer to use a local Spanish lawyer, but also several Scandinavian lawyers specialize in providing this service on the coast.

Bargain Andalucia SL helps refer to Danish lawyers on the Costa del Sol, Swedish lawyers on the Costa del Sol and Norwegian lawyers on the Costa del Sol.

We can arrange a free and non-binding meeting with one of the attorneys listed below, as long as you want more information about buying a property in Spain.

Danish Lawyers on the Costa del Sol

Property Lawyers

It is not compulsory to use a property lawyer in Spain when purchasing real estate, but we advise all buyers to do so to avoid any problems. surprises during and after the trade ended. That is why we work closely with a number of competent housing attorneys on the Costa del Sol who can help you safely on land in Danish.

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